Watch Kotaku On The Second-Screen Version Of The VGAs

It's a big night for video games. We've got Spike TV's 10th annual Video Game Awards airing live at 9pm ET (1pm AEDT), hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. Some of you may tune in to see which games and developers win top honours. I bet a lot of you are going to be most interested in the pile of world premiere trailers and game announcements expected during the show.

But there's more!

There will be a second-screen sister show to the VGAs running online starting an hour before the Spike broadcast. It's called VGA All Access, and one of the reasons I'm telling you about it is because I'll be on it. A bunch of times, even! I'll be providing some analysis, expertise and who knows what else, as will IGN's Casey Lynch, the lone wolf known as Cliff Bleszinski, a bevy of VGA winners and presenters and more.

So if you'd like to watch the VGAs with me on a second screen nearby, go to and click the All Access tab. The second-screen show starts at 8pm ET, 5pm PT (noon AEDT). They'll be doing red carpet for the first hour. I think I'll be on right near the end of the first hour.

We'll also be embedding a stream of the VGAs themselves, which you'll be able to watch right here at Kotaku. I have no inside knowledge about which games will be announced, but with any luck, we're just a few hours away from knowing about games the calibre of Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City which were both announced in years past on Spike's show.


    usually i watch the spike VGA but not this year, i couldn't vote sleeping dogs or far cry 3 as game of the year, and i hate Samuel L Jackson, so screw them, no longer counts in my opinion

    If the Walking Dead or Journey doesn't win Game of the Year, then the VGAs are pathetic (well, they already are)

    Is it possible to watch this on the Xbox here in Australia? Live Event Player isn't showing anything.

    The Gametrailers/Spike TV live player sucks. Too choppy due to overload of users. Find another live stream service to watch the show on

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