Watch Mega Man Kick Butt Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Watch Mega Man Kick Butt Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Presented to you by Rooster Teeth, this fanimation by Shane Newville sheds some new light on what’s really going on behind Mega Man‘s 8-bit veil. Yeah, it turns out the little guy hasn’t just been running, jumping and shooting in a straight line all these years. His real job is a lot harder than that.

This reminds me of that “Haloid” video from 2007 — the one that put animator Monty Oum on the map. Check it out below and enjoy spending the rest of your night pondering who’d come out on top in that three-way.


  • Very nice…

    But allow me to put on my Megaman Fanboi hat here for a second…. This video is about Megaman X =P Not “Classic” which first appeared on the SNES and started out as a 16bit game =P Classic and X are two different series xD

    • Thanks mate, was just checking the comments to make sure someone had said something. Shame Kotaku probably won’t bother correcting the goof.

  • I’ve already seen that first video so I decided to watch the second one. I think a “Dafuq” is in order, so here I go! *Clears throat* Dafuuuq?!

  • I’m not a fan of megaman, never played it.
    But I can see how much people love it and how much capcom really don’t want to spend their time with it.
    Maybe they should sell the rights off to someone who really cares and can do it some justice.

  • I really wish games had stopped trying to make their graphics better, and instead made the physics and animations better / easier to create. Seriously, I’m happy with this level of art, just make games all move this fluidly all the time!

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