Watch This Guy Shoot $20,000 Worth Of Real-Life Far Cry 3 Weapons

FPS Russia is one of my favourite YouTubers, because I get to live vicariously through him shooting weapons that I doubt I could get my hands on.

Yesterday the esteemed shooter uploaded a video to show off some of Far Cry 3's weapons, which Kirk is a big fan of.

Watch FPS Russia shoot Far Cry 3 enemies Vaas and Buck with the various weapons, and definitely stick around for the end when he whips out the Dragunov SVD sniper rifle. Holy shit.


    That Dragunov was awesome, though he mentioned the bow has no scope, but the one in the game does from the screenshots I have seen.

    :( he copped out massively with the SVD (and what a spaz looking scope...)

    That weapon is far more deserving than his 'bow skills' for a video to be 'blown' using Tennerite (or equiv.)

    Pun intended.

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