Watching Real-Life Link Shamelessly Smash Pots Never Gets Old

This joke has been made before. Many, many times before. But I can't resist when it involved Freddie W and the most gleeful looking Link I have ever seen. So gleeful that it looks downright evil.

But who can blame a gleeful Link.


    It's Lindsey Stirling btw.

    Have you ever seen Lindsey Stirling not looking gleeful? Awesome. :D

    I thought link was a guy...

      Female actor plays a male character in a fan video? Obviously we riot. It's the only responsible reaction.

    The bet Link cosplayers are never guys. Great video though, Lindsay is amazing as always

    I heard they have places like this in Japan. You get handed a bat or a golf club and let loose for five minutes in a room full of pottery. Basically as a way to relive stress. Sadly, I doubt Rupees fly out.

    Lindsay Stirling is the latest Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

    'Nuff said.

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