Well That Was Quick: The New Neo Geo Has Been Hacked

The hacking of a portable system is often bad news for game developers working on the platform, but somehow I don't think that's going to be the case for the Neo Geo X.

The $US200 new SNK handheld — yes, you read that right — was only just released, and already enterprising hackers have had their way with the thing. That's according to this video, at least, which seems to show that the system has been tricked into loading one game in place of another.

That's reportedly because at present, you have to rename an unauthorised ROM to trick the Neo Geo X into thinking it's loading something that it's actually supposed to load. How dastardly!

SNK can't be too upset about this — at least it gives people another reason to buy the thing, right?

Neo Geo X Officially Hacked: Let The Games Begin! [Substance TV — Thanks Brian!]


    The Video has been removed by the user.

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