What A “Next Gen” RPG Could Look Like

What A “Next Gen” RPG Could Look Like

This video, courtesy of Czech developers Warhorse (currently working on a historical RPG), shows some of the game’s assets running as an example of “next gen” graphics.

While they’re quick to point out this isn’t an actual scene from the game, which is open-world and still without a name, the fact it’s sharing assets and an engine (in this case, CryEngine 3) with their project means it must be close.

The clip was shown off as part of the 2012 Game Developers Session, held over the weekend in Prague.

Warhorse studios – První ukázka krajiny [Twitter]


  • Showing a static scene with no particles or overlay effects doesn’t show us anything. I saw a little bit of tessellation, maybe…

    This seems a bit redundant.

    • Yeah to be honest a modded Skyrim looks a hell of a lot better, Ok sure this is a very basic rendition minus all the flair but still it’s not anything to be overly impressed by imo.
      Now show my dynamic weather with pooling water or snow drifts. Show me floods and terrain deformation from landslides and earthquakes. Show me this in a non god sim and I will be impressed.

  • You know what, after playing Baldur’s Gate Enhance Edition, I realised that it doesn’t take groovy high end graphics and lighting effects to make a really great RPG. Case in point, 14yr old graphics, slightly clunky controls, but MAN it’s such a great game. It’s got all the right elements and has kept me enthralled (all over again) for hours. Not bad considering 1) I’ve already finished this game 10 years ago and 2) It’s got the graphics resolution of an iPod nano.

    So developers, I CHALLENGE YOU to make a great RPG in 2013 based on gameplay and mechanics rather than spend copious amounts of time and resources making a crap game look good……..

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