What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Last weekend games were off the cards for me, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into a handful of things. But mainly I want to start playing Far Cry 3. I've overdosed a bit on shooters with Halo 4 but it appears as though Far Cry 3 is a game I really have to play. Looking forward to it. What are you guys playing this weekend?

I have a couple of other games I'd like to try out. ZombiU, mainly because of the Dark Souls comparisons. Also, I've been holding back on the last Trials Evolution DLC. Now that the new content has been announced maybe it's a good time to get stuck into that. Who knows.

Let us know your plans in the comments below!



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      sonic is def worth picking up... add me if you want someone to play it with online lol (KRiSX85)

      sonic racing is awesome, much better than the first you should definitely get it

    Mario U, Nintendo Land and either some Borderlands 2 (levelling up to 50 on 2nd playthrough to take on the biggest nasties) or Halo 4.

    My Wii U games: Assassins Creed 3, Mario Bros U, ZombiU and COD BLOPs 2.

    Hopefully Tekken Tag 2 (Wii U) and Persona 4 Golden (Vita) arrive today.

    Hopefully Far Cry 3 will arrive today. Otherwise BLOPS 2 and maybe some XCOM.

    I'm going to be BATMAN!

    I've been replaying Arkham City and it's just straight up fun. You're Batman, in a playground built for him. It's brilliant.

    Lego LotR, Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2. Also tonight I will be playing Rock Band 3 with 3 mics only and a 5 litre keg of cider :)

    Borderlands 2, and Crusader Kings 2, I have an Aztec problem that needs solving

    By the way all - Farcry 3 is $59 at JB at the moment. If I didn't have a backlog of game from 2011 to work my way through, I'd buy it myself.

      I feel that mate. Going to finally start Deus Ex Human revolution this weekend!

        Ha ha ha. Yeah - I'm hoping to finish up with Skyrim (for now) over the weekend, and crack into Saints Row 3...

    League of Legends, Far Cry 3 (so good!) and NBA2k13

    Farcry 3 & the Dragonborn DLC.

    The colour difference between both games is sort of bugging me. Farcry 3 has this bright vivid environment & Solstheim from the DB DLC is washed out and very grey. Maybe I haven't explored it thoroughly but I much prefer the colour pallet of FC3.

    Finally got my WiiU yesterday and started AC3. Will be buying PaperMario 3DS tomorrow aswell. Beer and videogames, is there anything better?

    Some friends and I are going to tackle the raid bosses in BL2, while I'll be continuing my playthrough of Hyperdimension Neptunia 2 and Persona 3. I'll also probably check out the Ni No Kuni demo and potter around with my Mountain of Shame that is my Steam game collection.

    ZombiU, NSMBU, FarCry 3, and probably a bit of WoW.

    Have been playing the Witcher since I bought it on sale so probably will keep playing through that.

    Far cry 3! Two hours in and there has been 5 croc attacks, few tigers, komodo dragons. Might get back to the story at some point! Lined up a cassowary and a freaking tiger kill stealed me:D
    Feels more like jungle fallout 3 than skyrim plus guns to me

      See I am about 5 hours in, yet to see a croc. I have taken down a few bears though.

        I haven't seen any bears yet:( all the crocs were around the start base, shouldn't have been swimming in caves at dusk probably...

      Roughly 10-12 hours into the game (onto the 2nd island), and I've only come across 2 crocs. "come across" meaning "swimming through the water and its latched onto my friggin arm and literally made me scream"... God damn things! Its worse than Condemned!

      Such a brilliant game though, can't really fault it apart from having to use VSync and capping it at 60fps :(

    attending a LAN tomorrow (FragFest) apparently... so not sure what i'll be getting up to... but I hope to play more borderlands 2 (yet to finish the main game)... and will be hitting up some more Nintendo Land, Sonic all stars, Little Inferno and Nano Assault Neo :D

    Would love to be playing ZombiU or Mario but they haven't arrived yet... and i doubt they will today... :(

    Probably Halo 4 to be a bullet sponge while my friends achievement whore ... plus for some reason the spartan ops achievements haven't unlocked for me, so I'll be grinding my way through all 5 episodes. Maybe some Infamous 2 after that, I need to finish my hard playthrough of evil moustache cole

    Going to keep getting stuck into Far Cry 3, despite the fact that the save system is beyond infuriating and I have lost progress multiple times. Gonna sneak in a few hours of Borderlands 2 as well, currently running through it with my housemate.

    Well with the Aussie Planetside server rocking along nicely I don't see how I could play anything else. Best wars going on in there currently.

    Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. :D
    Grabbed it the the other day and already sunk a few hours into it.
    Still an awesome game. Well for me at least. :)

    ZombiU. I'm role playing as Michael Clarke in a post apocalyptic battle for the Ashes.

    umm, be working very hard on a personal project I am starting and agent programming UT bots. :D

    I'll probably finish off Forza Horizon, which I've been hammering the crap out of over the last week...then it's on to Far Cry 3 or if I can get in the mood, back into Assassin's Creed 3

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