What If Far Cry 3 Starred Aussies, And Was Actually A Boat Racing Simulator?

It probably still wouldn't look or sound anything like this. No sir. But still, this little redub of Far Cry 3 is still worth watching, particularly for its reworked Aussie female who doesn't care about the boat race and just wants to get crunk.

I don't know, I'm just a sucker for this kind of thing.

Thanks to Tom for sending it in!


    That's actually pretty funny.

    Hey Mark, any news on the baby front?

    bahahaha. I actually quite liked that

    Although I love FC3, I have to admit that I'm not a fan of the story. I'm probably on my own for that opinion. Maybe I more of a Borderlands type where I need a good dose of laughter mixed in with the over the top violence. If they actually made FC3 with silly Australian stories like this then I'd pay big money for it.

    Maybe do things in an Australian way. Instead of healing with a syringe, you heal with beer. Get wounded, chug a beer, you're healthy again. You could craft different beers that give you different abilities. For example, a light alcohol beer could induce a vicious rage that would cause your opponents to run in fear. Another example would be pale lager which would go to your bladder really fast, so you can piss on yourself to put out fires. This stuff just writes itself.

    So... I've played through Far Cry 3 and I watched every trailer I could get my hands on before it's release, yet all of that footage is brand new to me. How have I missed this?

      Think it was the cinematic trailer. Not the proper one... Maybe?

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