What Japanese Gamers Suggest As Christmas Gifts

What Japanese Gamers Suggest As Christmas Gifts

The Christmas season is upon us once again (as was frightfully apparent from the Christmas songs that started playing sometime around, oh, November 1…). Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu asked its readers the question: What would you give to someone as a Christmas gift?

Here are some of the video game-related answers:

“For a friend, I’d like to get Borderlands 2. We could play co-op over New Years!” — 18-year-old male high school student

“I think Animal Crossing: New Leaf would be perfect as a gift for a friend who doesn’t play video games very much, since it lets you play casually at your own pace. I want to enjoy the village life together. Plus the characters are so cute!” — 33-year-old female part-time worker

“I want to give the Resident Evil series! Playing together with a romantic partner would be more exciting than watching a horror movie.” — 25-year-old self-employed male

“I think for this season, the Wii U is a no-brainer. It’s just been released and now’s the time when it’ll be the hottest item.” — 25-year-old male company worker

“The Nintendo 3DS is perfect since it has a lot of games with network play. It’d be a lot of fun to play with the person you give it to!” — 16-year-old male high school student

“My husband is a huge fan of the Yakuza series, so I’m sure he’d love it if I gave him Yakuza 5.” — 40-year-old self-employed female.

“I’m giving my girlfriend a PlayStation 3, since she doesn’t have one. Now’s a good time since the price has dropped.” — 36-year-old male company worker

“I’m giving a PlayStation network card to buy downloadable games with. The software lineup has gotten bigger and that way they can choose whatever they want.” — 24-year-old male part-time worker

Regardless of what you get your friends and family, if you haven’t picked out all your gifts and stocking stuffers yet, you’d better hurry up…

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