What To Get The Discerening Cut The Rope Fan For Christmas

What To Get The Discerening Cut The Rope Fan For Christmas

ZeptoLab’s candy-munching Om Nom is the most iconic mobile gaming character this side of Angry Birds, the sweetheart (and tooth) of smartphone gamers around the globe. Round 5 immortalises the star of Cut the Rope in a series of plushies and collectibles worthy of his big, stupid, toothy grin.

Reversible plushies are Transformers you can cuddle, or at least you could if you had very small arms. The Om Nom in a crate plushie I’m playing with in the video above is only six inches tall and light enough to bounce off a small child’s head several times without transitioning from giggle monster to uncontrollable crying. How do I know this? No comment. The reversible plushies retail for $US12.99.

And speaking of kid-friendly, what child wouldn’t love a small piece of rubber shaped and coloured like a piece of candy? I’ve kept this small collection of Cut the Rope Nommies (like the popular Squinkies toys, only without the lawsuit) out of the reach of my children, leaving them to scour the rest of my apartment for more dangerous things to eat, just like Om Nom.

The Nommies are available in blind bags of three figures for $US2.99 apiece, with a code for exclusive game levels in every bag. Try as I might, I’ve yet to bite through one of them.

The rest of the Cut the Rope line I have not had the pleasure of messing with. I’m keen on the five inch “Pose-N-Play” plushies ($US9.99), and the right inch DJ Box Plush ($US14.99) plays music from the game, so that’s lovely. The three inch talking plushies with clips confuse me, as Om Nom should be seen and not heard, but they fit in a stocking, only cost $US7.99 and seem safe enough for wandering toddlers.


So if there’s an Om Nom lover on your gift list, head to ToyWiz.com, where there are special toys available at a drastically enhanced price. Merry Om Nom.


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