Whatever It Is The Phantom Pain Looks Very Intense

The first all-new game given a trailer at the 2012 Video Game Awards is The Phantom Pain, and it seems almost deliberately confusing and vague. That's fitting given its premise, in which a veteran awakens in a hospital after a long coma, with his left hand amputated. In come the troops hellbent on exterminating the entire hospital population, and we can only guess it goes downhill from there.

No platform was specified, nor any planned release date. The developer is Moby Dick Studio, which seems to be a total newcomer, too.


    i'd recognize that mullet anywhere...

      And that Butt. Stupid Sexy Snake.

    Is he missing a hand in that screenshot?

      Did you read the text below that picture, where it says he awakens with his hand amputated?

    So... noone knows anything about it.

    So why exactly is it getting coverage then? Either the journo knows more than they're letting on, or it is a SERIOUSLY slow news day.

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