When One MMO Closes, Another One Is… Brought Back From The Dead?

Cryptic Studios’ super-powered City of Heroes was recently smothered in molten kryptonite; it has gone to rest with the likes of Tabula Rasa, The Matrix Online, Fury and countless others. Until yesterday, none had returned from this gloomy electronic graveyard. That was until Turbine quietly resurrected Asheron’s Call 2.

No news post, press release or other trumpeted announcement, just a post on the Asheron’s Call forums mentioning the availability of a single server and a download link to the client.

It’s operating free of charge for now… as long as you have a subscription to Asheron’s Call. The post notes that the endeavour carries a giant “beta” sign, so players should expect environmental oddities and frequent server restarts as Turbine continues to tweak the setup. You also won’t be able to access your old characters.

As for why Turbine’s strapped the shock pads to AC2‘s withered husk? Nostalgia might be one — a small gift to players — but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something more… promotional… afoot.

Return Our Call: Turbine Bringing Back Asheron’s Call 2 [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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