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Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. We've all been on holidays eating dead birds and chocolate, so no time for daily morning updates, but now all that nonsense has come and gone it's time for a wrap up of the news!

Okay dokey — anyone here ashamed to like video games? Most likely you're shaking your head vigorously at this precise moment in time. I'm not ashamed to like games, but there are moments where I just can't be bothered explaining exactly what it I do for a living. Or times when I just don't mention games at all. We're not quite all the way mainstream I guess. Not yet.

Anyone playing Far Cry 3 over the holidays? It came out pretty late in the day, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a bunch of folks catching up on the game. I haven't even started it yet.This is Jason Schreier's favourite thing about Far Cry 3. What's yours?

These are the 10 best games for the Wii U in case you were wondering! The War Z creator claims his games trademark wasn't suspended. And this is a fairly definitive look at all the January sales.

In Short My Favourite Thing About Far Cry 3 According To These Confessions Some People Are Still Ashamed To Like Video Games In 2012. Twenty Twelve People! The 10 Best Games For The Wii U War Z Says His Games Trademark Wasn't Suspended Boxing Day Sales 2012. Who Has The Best Deals?


    Shouldn't you be taking a month of Mark? Did you lie to us in Community Kudos form? :P

    Hope you and your family had an excellent Christmas, man.

    Last edited 27/12/12 11:57 am

      A month off once there's a baby... But there still isn't!

        Probably for the best for the little'un. Having a birthday so close to Christmas would suck.

          Yes it does....yes it does. Boxing day here :-/

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