While You Were Sleeping

'Morning everyone. Gone to the toilet? Got your coffee? Taken your meds? Right, it's time to find out what happened in gaming news last night, while you were sleeping (or should have been).

A former Lucasarts developer has reminded us that games don't just get to being "99 per cent done" and then not get released. Steve Ellis was totally exaggerating when he said that about Star Wars: Battlefront III, which means no one will ever take what he says for face value ever again.

Luke has made a list of Grand Theft Auto games — ranked from best to worst (in his opinion). The comments section already indicates that many people disagree. What's your stance on it? Oh, you haven't played all of them. That's OK, just come stand over here with me.

One reddit user has pulled out his old Game Boy with photos from 1998 still inside it. I just love it when shit like this happens. You find something you thought you got rid of a long time ago, and then feel nostalgic and giddy about how awesome life used to be. Sigh.

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    I didn't realise I was on meds...

    The amnesia must be a side effect!

    WHO AM I!?

    SAUSAGE DOG!!!! I'd name him Squid

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