While You Were Sleeping

Wake up everyone! News happened. You won't believe it!

For some reason the folks in the US went on a mad Star Wars frenzy yesterday. Look, I know it's not video games, but it's still Star Wars and I still found these things interesting. This part is crazy: there were initially four female pilots in Return of the Jedi and they were cut for some reason. Also, this other thing: you can buy Luke Skywalker's actual lightsabre.

How are we feeling about Gears of War Judgement? To be perfectly honest I sort of wish it wasn't being made. Also, I'm one of those people that thought Baird was a really sucky character, so that might be part of it.

Level 5 hasn't taken the SEGA suing the crap out of them thing lying down, and Valve's new game is so popular that nearly 200,000 people are playing it and it's not even out yet. Jeez.

In Short Changing Its Testimony, Gears Of War Judgement Remains True To Its Story Level 5 Smacks SEGA Down Over Lawsuit You Can Buy Luke Skywalker's Actual Lightsabre Four Female Pilots Were Cut From Return Of The Jedi Valve's Next Game Is So Popular Nearly 200,000 Are Playing It And It's Not Even Out Yet


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