While You Were Sleeping

Man, it's Friday again. Can time just slow itself down a little bit? Jesus! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the post that goes over what went down while you were catching those precious zeds!

People are still talking about Nintendo. Understandable since it's behind the first major console release in eons. But, flying under the radar has been the release of the Wii Mini. Apparently the innards of this machine hold some really strange secrets, and some utterly bizarre decisions on the part of Nintendo. On the Wii U front, it's interesting to watch how baffled this woman is by the Wii U's loading times.

This is poor form: apparently some idiots wanted to move the girl from The Last Of Us to the back of the cover! Thankfully Naughty Dog said that was a silly idea. Props.

This is a cool look back at GTA: San Andreas and this is a fresh look at Gears of War's new multiplayer.

In Short Rockstar Wants To Connect All GTA Cities In One Big World New Wii Mini's Guts Reveal Some Crazy Nintendo Decisions Some Idiots Wanted To Move The Girl On The Cover Of The Last Of Us Judgement Delivers The Multiplayer Feature Gears Of War Fans Demanded This Woman Is Totally Baffled By Her Wii U's Loading Times


    Fully sick! Nice work Old Man Serrels

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