While You Were Sleeping

I'm telling you man, eat porridge for breakfast. This stuff has changed my life. I can wake up and feel energised. PORRIDGE 4 LYF. Oh, yeah the news. I should get on that.

I like manga, so please indulge me on these two stories that excited me muchly. The first: apparently there is going to be a Shonen Jump Theme Park opening up next year, meaning that there will be a theme park featuring characters like Luffy from One Piece and Naruto from... um Naruto. Also — there is some sort of game where all these manga characters get to beat each other up. I will probably play this game no matter how terrible it is.

Also — sticking with Japan — don't make fun of Reggie Fils Aime's Japanese everyone. He will get angry.

And finally, Valve fans have been creating gear of such high quality that it's officially going in a game, and you should save Peter Molyneux's marriage by funding his Kickstarter. What?

In Short If Peter Molyneux's Kickstarter Isn't Funded His Marriage Might Be In Trouble Your Favourite Manga Character Are Ready To Beat Up Each Other Don't Talk About Reggie's Japanese One Piece, Naruto And Dragon Ball Theme Park Opens Next Year Valve Fans Create Gear So Good It's Officially Going In A Game


    Hi Mark. Do you have salt on your porridge? Cook it in milk? Add lightly toasted seeds and nuts? Do you add sugar as well as honey? I must know your porridge preferences!

    once you turn to the porridge way of life, there is no turning back. fruit (especially chopped bananas) is the best addition in my humble breakfastly opinion.

    Hey you forget War Z came out on steam . Could be worth checking out.

    I used to love porridge, stupid body went celiac though :'(

    Breakfast of bloomin' champions. Love me some porridge (oats, milk, chia seeds, tiny bit of honey).

    Let's see how excited you are about porridge after 15 year of the stuff.

    I still eat porridge 5 days out of 7. It tastes like glue if you let it get cold.

    I am totally over porridge. Good for you though.

    Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, fried tomato.

    I'll die at 35 from a heart attack, but I'll die knowing I was never reduced to eating porridge.

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