While You Were Sleeping

No porridge for breakfast this morning, I woke up too late, but that doesn't mean I'm not ready for news! I was born ready!

It hardly happened while you were sleeping, but just in case you missed the news late yesterday evening — Big Ant Studios, the the team behind Rugby League Live 2, has gone into liquidation. CEO Ross Symons got in contact with us to say that all jobs are secure at the studio and this is just a restructure. Keen to find out precisely what's going on over there.

This is an interesting piece about how JRPGs are better when played with a friend. I sort of agree.

This super rich guy decided to build himself a personal and expensive Hobbit house, and why not take a look at all your favourite games being ruined by hilarious glitches.

In Short Your Favourite Games Are Being Ruined By Hilarious Glitches JRPGs Are Better When Playing With A Friend Rich Guy Builds Personal And Expensive Hobbit House Big Ant Studios' CEO: 'All Staff Are Securely Employed And We Continue To Makes Games Melbourne Based Developer Big Ant Studios Goes Into Liquidation With Debts Of $6.7 Million


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