While You Were Sleeping

Wake up folks! It's Thursday and it's time to take a look at what went down while you were sleeping.

The big news this morning is undoubtedly THQ filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. It's been a long tough road for THQ and, hopefully, this might actually help turn things around. THQ has apparently found a new buyer. That said, every time someone files for bankruptcy you hear the same story — this will help the company, the company is in better shape than it was before, etc. Hopefully this time it's the truth.

Hackers. They're always... hacking things. This time they've hit Heroes of Newerth. Apparently League of Legends is the next target.

This lunch thing makes Final Fantasy look delicious. Yum. This is video games in 2012 — in two minutes — and New York has banned another 2000 sex offenders from online gaming.

In Short THQ Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy We Can Cover 2012 In Video Games In Under Two Minutes Apparently All The Final Fantasy You Can Eat Hacker Breaks Into Heroes Of Newerth, Target League Of Legends Next New York Bans Another 2000 Sex Offenders From Online Gaming


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