While You Were Sleeping

Okay dokey! It's Friday. I'm guessing that today is the last day before the holidays for a lot of you. Happy Christmas! Also — news. From overnight. In this post!

A lot of controversy over the Far Cry 3 story and the direction it takes in the latter half of the game. We've had the creator saying we don't understand his grand vision or whatever, and that just irritates me. Yes, I'm putting words in his mouth, but that sort of arrogance rubs me the wrong way! This is another story looking at Far Cry 3 and it's narrative. Check it out if you're currently embroiled in that discussion.

Dark Souls 2. There's a lot of people worried the game might be dumbed down a bit. I am one of those people. Apparently we shouldn't worry. Dark Souls 2 will be as insanely punishing as its predecessors. Yay? Be careful what you wish for.

Here are five things you should know about the next Borderlands 2 DLC. Oh Jesus, the holiday Steam sale is now live. And finally, let's watch an Angry Bird attacking a baby.

In Short Far Cry 3 Isn't Racist, You Just Didn't Get It The Steam Holiday Sale Is Now Live It Looks Like Dark Souls 2 Will Be As Hard As Its Predecessors 5 Things You Should Know About Borderlands 2's Next DLC OK, Now This Video Of An Angry Bird Attack A Baby Is Totally Real I Swear


    Holidays - yay! Merry Christmas to you too!

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