Why Is Demon’s Score On Android $20.99, While It’s $0.99 On iOS?

Why Is Demon’s Score On Android $20.99, While It’s $0.99 On iOS?

Good news: Square Enix has just released three of its titles on Google Play — Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy Dimensions and Demon’s Score. Bad news: One of these titles is $20.99 on Google Play, yet a paltry $0.99 on iTunes.

Square Enix has previously been criticised for its indulgent pricing strategy on mobile platforms. At first glance, you might be wondering how the publisher can sleep at night with such a huge pricing disparity.

However, if you take into account the micro-transaction model of Demon’s Score on iOS, the difference isn’t that great and in fact, the game can end up costing more on Apple’s devices.

The reason for the large difference is that a fair chunk of the game’s content on iOS is available via in-app purchase. If you add up the total cost of the IAP, plus the discounted price of $0.99, owning everything will set you back $19.89, which is only about a buck less than the Android version. However, at its regular price of $7.49, it works out to be $26.39, around $6 more than it is on Google Play.

So, if anything, Android users are getting a better deal… if you’re happy with forking over $21 for it in the first place.

Square Enix releases Demon’s Score, Final Fantasy II, and FF Dimensions for Android — Celebrates with holiday sale [Phandroid]


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