Wii U Gets Sneaky Firmware Update

Wii U users, there's a new firmware update available for your system. Clocking in at around 600MB, it doesn't appear to do anything drastic (like speed up loading and menu times).

Here's what Nintendo says it does do:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

OK then!

Summary of System Software Versions [Nintendo]


    A mandatory 600mb update isn't my idea of sneaky ;)

    That's a hell of a download for just improvements/adjustments, wow..

    yet another thrilling article by LUKE

      I just found out that my Wii U needs a 600MB update, so I'm pretty OK with this article.

    What's so sneaky about it?

    I wish these updates could be downloaded in the background, like with a PC, and then installed before shut-down. Not being able to play whilst watching that progress bar and install process really grinds my gears.

      These updates are able to be downloaded in the background, just check by pressing on the Home button on the GamePad, then go into Download Management (as long as your console is connected to the net). Not sure about the updates being installed before it powers off though, if you use the "Turn off when downloads complete" button.

      As has been said, they can be downloaded in the background. The update will download in the background automatically without a prompt (apparently).

      Grant your wish come true!

    Yeah it is a little 'sneaky'. When i turned on my Wii U i expected an update notification but there were none. I had to go through the settings to manuallly update.

    The strange thing about this update is that the 3DS had one as well. I think Nintendo is up to something :)

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