Win! A Brand New 500GB PlayStation 3

When Sony launched it's new PlayStation 3 slim thing a number of brand new PS3s winged their merry way to a bunch of media outlets. When ours arrived I was a bit confused. I have my own PS3, and we already had one sitting in the office. 'What should I do with the new one,' I asked myself. 'Oh, I'll give it away I said!' Today is that day! Today I am giving away a brand new PS3.

This competition will be settled with the art of photography/photoshop. Remember the Nintendo 64 kid? I want you guys to replicate that moment in an image using a Sony console. If you don't have one, feel free to clumsily photoshop one in! I don't mind. Just get creative. Be as liberal with the them as you want!

Drop a link to the image in the comments below!

We'll announce the winners next week! Good luck everyone — terms and conditions can be found here.


    Shiny! Good luck, everyone!
    Can't wait to see some of the brilliant ideas.

    Hmmmmmmm. I have some ideas, but unsure if I can make them fly. Yes, fly.

    Do i get disqualified for using paint instead of photoshop??

      That's actually really good for Paint. I couldn't do any better, even if I used Photoshop.

    Had two idea and was bored at work so here is two entries....


    My attempt to make a laugh

    I made a rage comic for the occasion... it doesn't have to include irl images of me being excited, right? Right?!

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    Its' the kid he got a ps3 this year!!!

    When next week??? Can I enter on monday???

      From the Terms and Conditions:

      The promotion commences at 2.15pm AEST on 21 December 2012 and closes at
      12pm AEST on 26 December 2012

      So yes :)

    I dont have a PS3, but really want one.

    Enjoy gang...Assume THE POSITION !!

    This is what you meant, right?

    A PS3 OOooohhhhh you shouldn't have

    Well, you got me after a clean reinstall without any editing software, so you get this super-incredible MS Paint job instead.

    so heres mine lol

    here ya go.

      we can have more than one entry right?

    Here's mine you jive turkeys. Now... I've gotta get back to the streets where I come from to battle against kung Fu treachery!

      Shh. Mama, you're gonna wake up the rest of the bitches.

      Last edited 22/12/12 1:31 am

    A Present-opening success story...

    Last edited 23/12/12 1:49 am

    Not an artist's impression, because I'm no artist. Also no Photoshop, this is old old old Paint Shop Pro with a glitchy mouse that likes to constantly drop and re-pick up held clicks, hence the stuttering in some of the lines. Got sick of that pretty quickly :P

    But yeah, it's kinda meant to be like the old oil painting type movie posters or something (eg National Lampoon Vacation movies) making it looks more epic than it actually is. Pretty happy with how it turned out actually, considering how most attempts to recreate the things I see in my head generally don't resemble them at all.

    Poor Link doesn't realise he won't be able to play Zelda...

    EDIT: Damn, crispus had the same idea as me but was 1 minute quicker!

    Last edited 21/12/12 6:37 pm

    Damn was gonna do a Zelda one, looks like a couple of people beat me to it...

    Playstation Threeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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