Win! One Of Five Copies Of Need For Speed: Most Wanted

I feel a little like Need for Speed: Most Wanted sort of got a little bit lost in the whole Assassin's Creed III, Halo 4 blitz and, considering it may actually be one of the best NFS games ever, that's a bit of a shame. Never fear! Thanks to EA we've got five copies of the game to give away!

Entering the competition is simple. You must draw your favourite car on Microsoft Paint. You can only use Microsoft paint. You cannot use any images, you cannot use trickery. You must only use the tools in Microsoft paint. I'm trusting you all here!

You then have to post a link to the image in the comments below.

The best five images will win a copy of Need for Speed: Most Wanted — winners can choose whether they would prefer 360, PS3 or a PC version of the game. Bear in mind that it doesn't have to of super high quality. I'm rewarding creativity here! Go nuts!

We'll announce the winners this time next week! Terms and conditions can be found here!

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    It's a pretty terrible likeness, but I used the tools I was allowed!383&authkey=!AEhQ3a0Ln98h6r0

      I vote we give moventura all five copies of Most Wanted.
      I will then buy a 6th copy just to give them another one.

      That's how competitions work right? Democracy?

      This is my fave car all right, this guy should win !!!

        No no! It's your favourite car! :P

    Does the fact that you're using my competition idea as a competition mean I win? :P

    My entry is pretty self explanatory but his magic spells are Dad joke haikus.

    Last edited 18/12/12 2:16 pm

    My Porsche 911 using only paint brush auto fill and caligraphy pen. Enjoy

    Last edited 18/12/12 2:41 pm

    My best work :) not a car but who cares

    Last edited 18/12/12 2:35 pm

    What am I doing with my life, I should be an artist!

      You need to sign up for an account with Kotaku AU for your entry to count!

    "You must draw your favourite car on Microsoft Paint. You can only use Microsoft paint"... or equivalent, right? RIGHT?

    Given that, you know, MS Paint doesn't generally work on the OSX or linux systems that us hippies are running.

    Here's my entry: The car I wanted as a kid, that comes with the job I wanted as a kid.. Totally freeform (with the exception of the text) because anything else would ruin Christmas.

    Last edited 18/12/12 10:04 pm

      Also: "Judging will commence at 9am AEST on 25 December 2012. Judging will take
      place at the Allure Media office, Level 4, 71 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000."

      Who drew the short straw for that one? :P

    Does this work?

    apparently not... how bout now?!120&authkey=!ANnsyc6X-gXJdEc

    Last edited 18/12/12 2:43 pm

    My rather average attempt at what I think is one of the best looking cars of all time. Porsche 928
    I hate MS paint >.>

    Last edited 18/12/12 2:52 pm

    That reliant robin....

    In the same spirit, I am sure you can identify my fav' car

    1967 Shelby GT

    Last edited 18/12/12 2:56 pm

    " You cannot use any images" Does this mean no reference photos?

      I think it means using pictures in your entry, so no copy/pasting a picture of your favourite car into Paint.

      How would they know if you used a reference photo or not anyway? :P

      I'm hoping it just means no tracing (as well as the obvious no placing outside images inside the final image). Side by side referencing I'm hoping is ok.
      @markserrels Can we get a clarification here?

        Yeah I meant no using other images and altering them.

    1933 Duesenberg :)

    Last edited 18/12/12 3:09 pm

      haha simple google search and you find this drawing from 2006. Great work if this was something you completed back then. I guess there isn't anything in the rules about when the drawing in MS Paint was done.

        I did in fact complete it back then,I highly doubt I could whip something like that up in the time I have had. If Kotaku disqualify me for an old image that's fine, just thought I'd share it.

    Me going back in time to when I had a chance of winning an online FPS match......

    Here's my take on the Lamborghini-Aventador .

    Made with line tool, fill tool and a little bit of spray brush.

    Badly drawn rocket powerd limo

    This is my favorite car because it has attitude

    Next up, horns. I want a horn here, here, and here! You can never find a good horn when you are mad! And they should all play La Cucaracha!

    EDIT: Just noticed someone had the same idea as me a few posts above. I hope that doesn't disqualify me - I didn't copy, I swear!

    Last edited 18/12/12 3:28 pm

      Edit: thanks can see it now.

      Last edited 18/12/12 3:57 pm

        Created an Imgur account and uploaded the image there, so hopefully you can view it now.

      I'm gonna hope that it does disqualify you, because that's so much better than my piece of crap drawing :(

    Not a big Ford fan, nor am I even a massive car enthusiast, but the GT 500 floats my boat ;)

    PS. I'm a crappy MS Paint-er. As you can tell.

    Last edited 18/12/12 3:29 pm

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