Winner! Need For Speed: Most Wanted

When some of you asked for a Microsoft Paint competition I thought it sounded like a great idea, but I had no idea it would result in one of my favourite competitions of all time. I can't remember laughing so hard scoping out entries, and it's been a while since I've been so amazed. Even if you didn't enter this comp, you have to check out some of these entries...

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So now, without further adieu, I present the five winners. Each of the following receives one copy of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Myself (or whoever's looking after the site whilst I take my holidays) will be in touch with after the holidays to find out your platform of choice. Congrats!



I thought long and hard about this. Was this really eligible? But then I pulled rank and said to myself, 'Lamboman007 created a game using art he created solely in Microsoft paint.' THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND.

You should totally play Need for Speed: Least Wanted for about five seconds before giving up!


This was one of my instant favourites. Really imaginative. Brilliant work.


We had a couple of 'Homers' but this one was my favourite!




Falls into the same category as Thistler's. Clearly done in paint. Super cool perspective.

Honorable/Brilliant/Hilarious Mentions

Neon Jackle

Aw yeah.




Loved the fire!


Interesting perspective.


Off the richter.



Amazing job everyone. Thanks to everyone who took the time. You all had me in stitches/amazement. On Christmas day I took a look through all the entries, and my family was amazed. Congrats to everyone who won!


    these are awesome, I didn't even know about this competition DAM!
    When will you hold the next one!?

    Grats everyone!

    More MS Paint competitions please.

    Yay for honourable mentions!

    Did Lambo straight up refuse to use any of MS paints shape or line stencils? funny stuff

    Congrats to the five winners.

    Congrats guys! I hope we can have more Paint competitions. It was fun!

    Wow - didn't think I'd win, especially with such stiff competition. Congratulations to the other winners and everyone that entered!

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      Personally I prefer this one ;D

        I know! I thought I was in with a better chance with that entry. I'm not complaining though - I love them both equally.

    Oh wow, that's really exciting :D Thanks Mark!

    This was a fantastic competition, I loved browsing the entries! Happy holidays everyone :D

    Congrats all round and thanks for organising great comps Kotaku! :)

    Link to play Lamboman's game?

      You are the least wanted. The police don't want to chase you because there are other, more wanted racers they need to catch. So you need to convince them that you're worth their time. Make yourself more wanted by driving into traffic cones, else they'll eventually just stop chasing you all together. Don't get busted though.
      Features the new Autolog 0.2! Compare your time with everyone!
      Up arrow key: move up
      Down arrow key: move down
      Hit the traffic cones to make the police chase you. Don't let them catch up.

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        How are you not working for a triple A developer?

    Honourable mention woo! Given I sneakily did it at work while alt-tabbing into actual work I am pleased with my effort.

    Congratulations guys.
    Wow, I was in the honourable mentions as well, awesome :-)

    A little disappointed that i didn't win, but oh well.
    Great job to the winners nonetheless!

    I wasn't sure if my entry was really eligible either :P
    Forget zombies and pixel art. MS Paint sprites are the new big thing in video games. Congrats to all the other winners. :D

    Last edited 27/12/12 8:40 am

    Grats to all the winners and the honorable mentions! Awesome/Hilarious work guys!
    Keep these great competitions coming Mark they've been a lot of fun.

    Yew! I totally forgot about this!!! ,to bad I didn't place. Nice job everyone. : )

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