Woodcutting Simulators Have Never Been Quite This Realistic

Numerous vehicles and cranes!

Diverse tasks!

You've never seen wood cutting simulated like this before.

It's Woodcutter Simulator 2013!!! Coming to Woodcutter Simulator stores near you.


    I sometimes wonder how UIG stay in business... I guess being the only player in the "simulate everything ever" market helps.

    Anyway. I want this game to have a "you cut down every tree in the entire game world and are now out of business" feature. Something about sustainability, etc.

    Not that I'm going to play it.

      Hate to say it but I think this is where gaming goes when the government gives tax credits to game companies.

        As far as I can tell, Germany doesn't have any tax breaks for the games industry.

          well then
          It must be an elaborate money laundering scheme

    "Find an untapped niche and fill it", my grandpappy always used to say.

      i'm sure that was the precursor to the birds and the bees =)

    Not bad, can't hold a candle to the truck driving simulator though.

    Who plays these simulators? Retired lumberjacks? Agoraphobic woodsmen?

    BHP's Fracking Simulator 2013 craps all over this game.

    Last edited 19/12/12 3:06 pm

      The first time I glanced at your post I honestly thought it said "BHP's Fapping Simulater 2013..."

    Worked at a sawmill for a year and a half when I was younger. Would be the last thing I would want to play in a game. Horrendous job.

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