Wow, This Cancelled Streets Of Rage Remake Looks Great

Streets of Rage has to be one of the all-time classic side-scrolling beat-em-ups, right? It had a sense of an atmosphere of menace that other games lacked. After a fan-made game was scuttled by Sega, the only activity on the old-school series has been mobile releases of the original games. So it's a real shame that the remake demonstrated above never made it out into the world.

A tweet from Ubisoft level designer Sean Noonan revealed the footage, which comes from a digital downloadable that was reportedly in development at Ruffian Games. Destructible environments, brutal takedowns, street gangs straight out of The Warriors… it's all there. Throw this one onto the pile of promising dreams that will never become reality

Video Spotlight: Cancelled Streets of Rage "Reimagining" Footage Leaks Online [Sega Driven, via Spong and NeoGAF]


    I can't eat whole chickens i find on the street?

    Worst game ever.

    Last edited 06/12/12 9:14 pm

      Oh look an apple bigger than my head under a trash can!

    But can I steal whole chickens from my sister even though I don't need them?

    What? a Cancelled Streets Of Rage Remake?...THIS-IS-SPATA!!!

    Just re-release The Warriors in HD and I'll sell my brothers for it.

    Looks ok, doesn't really have much of a SOR feel to it. I was expecting a 3d hi res Axel with his white shirt/blue jeans combo or at least more to tie it to the original, not some knife wielding blade rip off.

    Also strippers with electrified whips.

    Nice as an tech demo, though Streets of Rage should remain an 2D sidescroller - with 3D graphics, but handdrawn 2D would be the way to go... unfortunately Capcom is really the only company who still invests in Handdrawn animation...

    This would have been better as a semi-open world style game. Stage based Beat-em-up games are a thing of the past, they don't sell very well because there are games with a lot more depth available for the same price.

    This game would have been fantastic if the devs had taken inspiration from The Warriors game and built on that theme of extreme brawler violence in a decaying, dangerous city.

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