Yes, I Would Very Much Like To Own This Working Halo Warthog

Remember Operation: Chastity? The in-development Halo fan film? Well, the Warthog replica they built for the flick is now for sale, though, going by an exchange on Twitter, you might have missed your chance... even if you could afford it.

The Warthog's owner and Chastity director Peter Cooper posted on Twitter his intentions to sell, stating that all "reasonable offers" would be considered. Further along the timeline of discussions, one interested buyer offered $US20,000, but there's no way to know if the offer was accepted, or even genuine.

What started out as a leaky rust bucket from an old car yard was slowly transformed into the beast above. It looks a little strange just sitting on a regular suburban street, but I'm sure the never-ending envy of your friends would make up for any visits from the police, or the RTA, VicRoads or whatever authority handles vehicle-related concerns in your state.

Sadly, it's not "road legal" according to Cooper, but it does drive fine in less, uh, official environments.

Peter Cooper [Twitter, via Geekologie]

Image: Peter Cooper


    The warthog has nothing on the Scorpion from UT2K4, which is depressing, but UT2K4 was bloodsprot, halo is just war.

    Warthog..? Looks more like a Puma.

      Now, a Warthog has tusks see and this vehicle has hooks that look like tusks.

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