Yoshi Looks So Weird Without A Nose

Just as Mario looks strange clean shaven, Yoshi looks truly odd without his round, bulbous schnoz. Then again, so does everyone.

During the recent earthquake in Japan, a Yoshi figure was unfortunately damaged, which lets us see the iconic Nintendo character in a new and somewhat unsettling light.

ACK! These are two photos of the same figure. The first photo (above, left) was uploaded on Twitter with a note that read, "Earthquake victim". Enough with the photo taking and Yoshi humiliation, please get this injured dinosaur fixed.

地震の被害者 [@hckurona] 地震で鼻のもげたヨッシーのフィギュア [@mhagesama]


    I'm glad I clicked on this article. I learned a lot.

    That is distressing. I don't... I can't... I'm just gonna leave.

    Noseless Yoshi. Now compatible with Birdo action figure.

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