You Can Buy Every SNES Game Ever Made (For A Paltry $25,000)

During the Super Nintendo's lifespan, 721 games were released in North America. Now a man going by the name 'Byuu' has collected them all and will sell them at a high price: $24,999 to be precise.

This is the current asking price on an eBay auction that is currently ongoing. It is an absolutely spectacular collection.

On a Reddit post, Byuu claimed that building this collection represented "three years of effort" and that the most expensive dozen games in the collection are actually worth half of the asking price for the entire collection. He estimates that you could easily make a $10,000 profit by selling the collection in individual chunks.

The asking price is around the $25,000 mark, but Byuu is looking for offers, particularly if potential buyers are willing to do business outside of eBay, which will take 10% of any sale.

It's a truly incredible collection. Head here to check out the auction.

Thanks Polygon!


    I wonder which famous actor is in the most games

    If it's worth 10k more then why doesn't he sell it individually....? I think he be lying ;p

      Just as a rough indication

      I've seen some of those sell in auction for much more as well.

    I actually knew a guy who had the entire SNES game collection, US and Japanese, took him 5 years to collect them all
    covered an entire wall, and i played my way through everyone i could understand, took me 3 years, between school and work.


    Only three years? Geez.

    Though that makes it feel like less of an achievement though. Would feel more impressive and/or sad if he'd been collecting since the SNES era and had to give them up for whatever reason.

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