You Can Buy Luke Skywalker's Actual Lightsabre

Theres a big auction going down in Hollywood this weekend for a range of official props, photos and film from classic films like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Alien, Indiana Jones and Star Trek.

Called "Drama: Action: Romance", the lot spans over half a century of blockbuster films, but it's more recent and nerdy) items that will probably have your attention.

Some of the gear up for grabs include:

• A marvellous selection of items from the Star Wars franchise, including an original X-Wing Fighter miniature.

• Harrison Ford's "Indiana Jones" revolver from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

• Kate Winslet's signature "jump dress" from James Cameron's epic, Titanic.

• Orlando Bloom's hero "Legolas" bow from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

• Leonard Nimoy "Mr. Spock" second-season velour Starfleet tunic from Star Trek: The Original Series.

That "marvellous" selection from Star Wars has stuff like Dak's helmet, scripts used on the set of the first three films, the Milennium Falcon miniature used when hiding on the back of a Star Destroyer, an actual Scout Trooper's blaster and Luke's lightsabre from Return of the Jedi.

Those who like their sci-fi a little more violent should know there's also an original pulse rifle from Aliens (which is expected to go for between $US40,000 and $US60,000).

You can check out the whole lot at the link below.

Drama: Action: Romance [Auction]


    WHY AM I SO POOR?! I want everything you just mentioned.

    I'm wondering how much blood and semen I will have to sell to get Luke's lightsabre?
    Anyone know the market price?

      To afford it I think you would need to ... ahh... umm... accept deposits if you catch my meaning.

    I just flicked through that whole auction catalogue and I was surprised by how shitty many or even most of those props look when photographed in good light..

    But that Alien pulse rifle looks sweet - it's a modified thompson gun.

    You can get the ears Spock wore in Star Trek: The Motion Picture!

    That lightsaber's gonna be expensive.

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