You Can Literally Get A Copy Of Metro 2033 For Free

First Metro 2033 was part of the THQ Indie Bundle, allowing you to pick up the game for a ridiculously cheap price. Now it appears as though THQ is literally giving the game away for free.

Normally such 'freebies' are tied up in irritating forms you need to fill in, or offers you have sign up for, but getting access to a free copy of Metro 2033 is remarkably simple, and relatively unobtrusive. You simply have to 'like' the official Metro page on Facebook, follow a few prompts and 'bam', you'll receive a Steam code for Metro 2033. Pretty incredible.

The deal starts from today and runs until the 17th and is clearly a way to get people interested in the game's sequel which is set for release in March 2013. What better way to get people interested that to give away its predecessor for zilcho?


    Does it work for Aussies? They usually do not :(

    This is the link btw

    From the Central Coast of NSW and my Metro 2033 download is chugging along in Steam.

      Central Coast, nice man I am also. Yeah the download is working.

        Central coast. You poor guys :p
        (grew up there.)

          Seriously? Its alot better then Sydney.

            I much prefer Sydney. I moved back to the city as soon as I could.
            But each to their own.

    Got code, Put into Steam, activated fine. Will download when i get a new computer to see the fancy graphics.

    This was one of the best games in the last decade in my opinion

    I love this game so much I bought the book

      What's the book like?

        The book is amazing

        Really well written, but the Russian author speaks about 6 languages

        Also, it is the most soul crushing thing I have ever read, so so soul crushing

        Russia, apocalyptic war that moved the humans into the Metro's, dirty, disgusting, no sunlight, little food

        Just wow

          Thanks, I loved the feel of metro so might have to have a look for it

            A christmas idea from me to you :)

            Enjoy it :)

    Looks like a bit of a move to get people interested in the new Metro game. Smart move too if you ask me. The more people you get to experience the franchise, the more people you get who would be interested in the sequel.

      It's a tactic that works. After the great PSN blackout of 2011 I got my free copy of inFamous and went and bought the sequel as soon as I finished the original.

    Alternatively, you can get it for practically nothing (or lots, if you'd prefer) in the THQ Humble Bundle with a big pile of other games.
    24 hours left.

    Last edited 12/12/12 10:06 am

    Very smart way of getting those sponsored ads in people's newsfeeds

    Would this any different than the Metro 2033 that you got from

      They are both steam keys so it is exactly the same game

    Whenever I click the link it just takes me back to my Facebook news feed. Is this happening to anyone else?

    Sweet as, i go this on ps3 but i couldn't really get into it the controls werent bad but i dont feel as connected using controllers (like most console first person games)
    so hopefully i will enjoy it far more on PC

    My only problem is with their conditions that allow them to use any participants in the giveaway images and likeness for advertising... I can tell which page and app and getting unliked and blocked on my facebook when this is over

    Last edited 12/12/12 11:47 am

    Seems to work fine. I got my code without any issue whatsoever.

    Why does the link redirect me to Facebook home? Is it broken? A FB search brings up nothing.

      Are you over 18? I think they've marked it as an adult only page.

      Last edited 12/12/12 12:22 pm

    Really great game A+ would recommend to everyone.

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