You Can Vote For BioShock Infinite's Reversible Cover Art

Today Ken Levine, the creator of BioShock, announced that BioShock Infinite will have a reversible box art. But that's not all.

You can actually vote on which you want to be featured on the opposite side of your box.

Maybe the official box art isn't marketed for you, but the reverse side could be. Personally, the three up top are my favourites, with the right-most being what I'd vote for.



      I know it's just a Google search away, but still, they shoulda linked to it.

        yeah i know, but for the lazy of us its nice to just click off the article.

          Normally i would agree, But if you are going to do an article on something it wouldn't hurt to link it.

    Ok thats a great diea and possibly the best fo both world? A cover for the fans and a cover to keep the stores happy. Kinda like when you buy anime and you get a clean reversible cover on the inside.

    PS the correct answer to the above covers is #3

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      i do like 3.... but 2 if less red would make a nice option. (for the 3 above that is)

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      I think there's too much going on, on the right hand side and too much space on the left for #3 to be 'the one'

        I think it offsets the simplicity of Elizabeth on one side and the "whole mess of shit" for the crazy whack bird and teh steampunk world on the right.... its an off sort of ying and yang thing.

      Lol once i went to the site I ended up voting for #1 (at irrational, not above)

      Figured that it was a good alternative to the original cover. Moot point though, as noted below its a play off between 4 and 6.

    Do you know why this is awesome? Because when Mass Effect 3 came out with their reversible cover art, the kind people at my EB stores actually took the time to reverse half the covers because they're not sexist. Because of this, game stores everywhere can do the right thing and not advertise a game to dudebros who won't buy the game anyways :)

    while I dont think its going to be the favorite I like #2

      #2 is an amazing piece of art.
      doesn't fit in too well with the art style released to date, but #2 got my vote.

    Hope Design #6 wins, otherwise I'm going to have to go with the dudebro cover because I think the current winner, #4, is hideous.

      Dude, it's like a Dr. Sues cover. It's a product of the time, it sets the era for the game.

    Looks like it will end up being 4 vs 6

    #4 myself, I wonder if team waifu will get enough votes together to get #1 in before the poll closes.

    Why can't we have #4 and #6 both? Front side #4 back side #6 or the other way round

    #3 (on the voting site, not here) should really be the main cover. Still don't understand why 'just Booker' is better for sales then having the lead female on the cover too.

    I feel like it's all a bit lame, sure the original cover was a bit meh, but all these others suck just as bad if not much worse.

    1. Waaaay to much empty space, they couldn't stick an airship in there somewhere? Really?
    2. So I play as a robo-dude who makes kids do his bidding? Again, too much empty space around everything.
    3. Looks like a bad redo of the first cover, but now it looks like he is shooting the girl in the head. Also looks like they hastily photoshopped her in there to try and shut people up.
    4. The red is ridiculous, it's burning my retinas. The drawing/sketch looks like it was done in five minutes by a high school kid with a biro, not nearly polished enough to represent a game of this much depth.
    5. Not bad, but what is that guy actually doing off screen? Why couldn't they fit more of him in? What are we missing?
    6. Also not bad, but too much empty space on the left makes it seem like it'll topple sideways off the shelf. Also it looks like it was done in about 10 minutes at a low res, which contrasts with the heading banner (which actually looks great).

    So i guess it's the giant douche or turd sandwich. sigh. This is what happens when everyone voices their subjective, uniformed opinions and people actually listen to them. You cannot please everyone, so don't try.

    Wow, after the 'controversy' last week, they should give their marketing manager a bonus.

    I don't plan on playing this game, but defiantly number 6 for me :D

    These were the best they could offer? Rushed-as-hell and thrown together from existing assets on short notice maybe? O_O

    If this is what we have to work with, I'd choose #4 as the reverse, though it sure needs work - the difference between the logo and artwork is really jarring. Almost looks like the cover of a 19th century paperback otherwise.

    #5 would make a nice replacement for the regular box artwork, though not being able to see the guy's right arm is a bother. If he was reaching back into his jacket's left inside pocket for something unseen (A gun? A notepad? A comb? A MacGuffin? Frat guys can imagine it's a gun), it would look neat.

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