You Cannot Stop This Manga Artist With Threats Of Death And Destruction

For months now, Japanese manga artist Tadatoshi Fujimaki has been dealing with repeated threats. There is a vendetta against him, which has produced numerous threatening letters containing suspicious chemicals.

As previously detailed, the threats seemed intent on stopping Fujimaki from promoting his manga Kuroko's Basketball. The threats are frightening and relentless.

However, as noted by Yaraon! (via ANN), Fujimaki wrote in an upcoming issue of Jump Magazine about a recently cancelled Kuroko's Basketball stage event, apologising to those who were looking forward to it, but noting the safety issues at hand.

He also said that he would not stop writing Kuroko's Basketball, declaring, "Even if something happens, I will keep working hard on this story, without rest."

Considering how terrifying the threats have been — from stabbing to arson to chemical threats — it is brave of Fujimaki to stand up for himself and his work.

『黒子のバスケ』作者「本編は何があっても休まず頑張っていきます。」 [Yaraon! via ANN]


    It would be useful if you stated why people have a problem with Fujimaki

      Nobody is certain why he's being targeted. None of the threats the author and the event planners are getting simply say that people will be hurt if they don't cancel the events. At least, that's what I've read.

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      It seems like one lone nutjob is desperate to get at this guy for some reason, I can't read Japanese and the original story linked gave no indication to why lone nutjob hates the author of this Manga.

      Some have said it's because it's similar to another School Basketball Manga, although from what I hear the similarities are like comparing the Tim Burton Batman movies to the new Batman movies. They both have the same basic elements, Crime in Gotham city, Batman avenging his Parents, etc. But they are very different movies.

    It's fake, probably a publicity stunt. Numerous letters with strangle chemicals. i dont think so. Once handed over to police, they would sample the material, and at least tell this guy. On top of that, stabbings, chemicals in the mail, as well as arson? Seriously he must be the phantom criminal because how the Hell is he getting way with all these things. After one person comits a crime against anothere. It's a lot easier to catch him if he just keepts targeting the same guy.... Fake, publicity stunt.

      That's what I believe, also. In fact, the events that were cancelled as a result of this would only have been attended by fans of the series, but things like what are happening here are enough to get the attention of big media.

      Mailing things is rather easy to get away with, there's quite a few Mail Boxes close by without any form of surveillance, it would take months to narrow down what Mail box I used. And if I had any sort of intelligence what so ever I'd never use the same mail box twice in a row.

      Nobody has stabbed or burned anything, but the person doing the threats is claiming he will do these things, as for chemicals in the mail a letter full of over the counter Draino could cause some serious chemical burns.

      To claim it's a publicity stunt, hard to say without proof and I don't see any. You don't cancel an Event for Fans as a publicity stunt because cancelling an event costs you money and makes you lose money.

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