You Have Three Years To Prepare For The Angry Birds Movie

After what feels like years of rumblings about a motion picture based on the world's most popular mobile game franchise, Finnish developer Rovio makes it official: Angry Birds the movie, in theatres mid 2016.

Following Marvel Studios' lead (David Maisel, former Chairman of Marvel Studios is executive producer of the film), Rovio is producing and financing the feature film outside of the studio system, which gives them the full creative control necessary to ensure their vision of birds being thrown at pigs is not perverted by the Hollywood machine. Despicable Me producer John Cohen will act as producer for the Angry Birds film. I'm sure that means something.

The question here is will the Angry Birds love hold up for another three years?


    Wow an Angry Birds movie? Really? I'm out.

    By the time this happens the masses would have clinged to a new app fad

    That was my first reaction too. But suddenly i think it could actually be done very well. But that would have best no relation to the game. It would just be a good animated film.

    Come on, they made a movie based on Battleship. At least Angry Birds has something resembling a "plot".
    It's (currently) a bankable franchise and the fact that it isn't being made within the studio system works in its favour. I doubt I'll see it, but I get that other people will.

    I can see an Angry Birds cartoon similar to the old looney tunes or tiny tunes cartoons. Can't really see enough material or character development possibilities for a movie though.

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