You Might Have Missed The Five Coolest Indie Mobile Games Of 2012

Earlier this year the folks that brought us IndieDB and ModDB launched SlideDB, a site dedicated to giving indie mobile game developers a means to reach players beyond showing up on the iTunes or Google Play top charts. It's given attention to games that otherwise might have been lost in the crowd — games like Dream of Pixels and Knights of Pen & Paper, two of SlideDB's top five gaming apps of 2012.

I single those two games out because I wouldn't have discovered them if not for SlideDB. Two of my favourite titles of the year, and I might have never played them. That makes me wonder how many other amazing games I've missed. I nearly missed out on Gua-Li-Ne. That would have been a tragedy.

More than 4,000 votes were counted to come up with SlideDB's App of the Year and the rest of the top five. That might not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but when you consider that number includes some of the best and brightest indie talent working in mobile gaming today those votes mean more than a million Angry Birds downloads.

So check out the video, hit up the SlideDB App of the Year page, and go play five of the coolest games of 2012.

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App of the Year 2012 - Slide DB


    Oh nice, Knights of Pen & Paper is out on iOS now, and on sale. Yoink.

    The "Dream of Pixels" and "Click to View" links do not seem to be working.
    What is the game that the pictures up the top are from?

    if i missed it isn't that a result of poor marketing?
    edit: the click to view link is bad, here is the correct one

    Last edited 27/12/12 5:42 pm

      If they're indie then they can't always afford good marketing.

    I didn't miss out on Knights of Pen & Paper, but boy was it noticiable that the developers were not native English speakers (development in Brazil, if I'm not mistaken?)... What could have been an A+ mobile RPG experience was, for me, let so far down by the near constant text errors and glaringly bad translation mistakes. I lost all sense of immersion and by the end of the main quest (which has recently updated, but I haven't played it) I was just sick of it.

    "Dexter: I believed he did not managed to escape from there and he is still trapped there."
    "You check all your bags, the king's friend you don't know the name yet is ready and you're ready too."
    "A weird feel of an evil aura that flows from the castle"
    And so on.

    Is that knights of the pen and paper in the picture? if not which game is it? looks cool

    Edit: It is! just found that same picture on SlideDB

    Last edited 28/12/12 4:18 pm

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