You Won't Believe How Dry Nintendo's January Is

Last month and this month, Nintendo is busy launching the Wii U. And next month? It's busy not releasing games in Japan. The company's January schedule, which was recently updated on December 3, is shockingly empty.

Here, have a look for yourself:

Yikes! That's pretty freakin' dry! At the very, very bottom, there's one Wii U game coming out, a new Fist of the North Star game from Tecmo Koei. The rest of the calendar is just barren, with Nintendo seemingly nursing a Christmas comedown or recharging its batteries.

Yes, Nintendo just released a new piece of hardware and a bunch of games, and, of course, Nintendo can update this calendar in the future. But right now, January isn't even tumbleweeds for Nintendo in Japan, because at least tumbleweeds are something.

発売カレンダー [任天堂]

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    Sounds like the vitas calender

      Hopefully the Vita will get some cool indie stuff through PS Mobile. Doesn't the Wii U have some home-brew programme going as well?

      Since I actually know what is coming out on Vita, i'm excited. They release plenty of games so get your facts straight

    Classic Nintendo, they release a new console that may show promise then fill it with shovelware...Give me a decent Donkey Kong, Wario or something. I would've really thought they would make sure to have at least a Zelda game on the soon to be released schedule.

      Streatching it pretty far to call the current games "shovelware".

      In their defense... I think this is why Pikmin was delayed until Feb was it not? So there isn't too much "quality" at release followed by a drought?

    Poor planning.. could have easily held back a game or two for the sake of filling out the month a little. I guess they are betting on the fact that January is a slower-than-average month as everyone recovers from the Christmas and Boxing Day sales..

      They can't control when the 3rd party releases come out (well they could but it would hurt their relationships) and there is only 2 first party games out and one's a mini-game compilation and the other's a cookie-cutter Mario sidescroller. They needed those for lauch.

      I hate to say it but this isn't really a January problem. Apart from Pikmin they've announced another Wario minigame shovelware collection (I know they are good fun but it's essentially 16 $1 iPhone games being sold for $90) and THATS IT for the foreseeable future.

      With nothing else announced you'd have to expect that you'll be getting 1-2 first party releases next Christmas if you're lucky! The next real Zelda/ Mario/ Metroid/ GOD FORBID NEW FRANCHISE is still at least a year and a half away. By the time you take into account the fact that the WiiU hardware is on par with the 7 year old 360 you're going to get the problem you have with Skyward Sword in that they will be severly crippled by hardware limitiations.

      I can't see the WiiU being a sucess from here on, I just don't see it happening.

        I have to agree: I don't expect quality releases in January. I'm still playing catch up to the Christmas release schedule. Its the rest of the year that's not looking good.

          I haven't bought one (yet?) because the Christmas release schedule for "catching-up" included a bunch of great games (Arkum City, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed 3) that I already owned.

          Of the games that I don't own yet, all that was really left was Call of Duty and FIFA which i'd both rather play on Xbox with it's better online and controllers for local play.

          I'd rather be playing Halo 4 and Far Cry 3 over Christmas without having to fork out $400+ for a new console thanks.

            Yeah - this is where I'm coming from. I might have been sold on the wii U if the multi-plats were better than the PS3 and 360 versions, but that hasn't proven to be the case either.

    ZombiU, Black Ops 2, NSMBU and Nintendo Land will tide me over for a while :)

    And then there's the Steam sales coming up in 2 or so weeks...

    There are a lot of people like myself who just won't buy until the game library is fleshed out some more. Nintendo stung me with the 3DS, and because of that I refuse to adopt a Wii U until I see some quality titles coming out. How many 2D Marios do we really need per year? Where the hell is Metroid and Zelda? I DEMAND MY MONEY BE TAKEN FROM ME NOW!!

      Yeah - they only need to announce a Metroid game to pull me in.

    wait, WiiU is getting Hokuto Musou?

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