Your Best And Worst Gaming Gift Memories

It's Christmas morning and there are presents under the tree. You'd been pining away at that Super Nintendo for months. You start tearing away like a mad fiend at the wrapping paper and what do you find but...

"Oh wow...A ColecoVision." "It was the one you wanted, right?" "Sure, Dad, sure".

We've all been there in some small way at one time or another.

That kid above? That's me on my birthday. Age nine, I think? Look at how happy I look getting that crappy Tiger Handheld version of Sonic 2! Look at the bliss on my face! I was jazzed to have that thing, until I actually played it and realised it was kinda a piece of garbage.

No matter how humble you are, we all know that feeling. So in the spirit of the Holidays, we here at Kotaku invite you to share your stories of triumph and heartbreak in the comments below.

(P.S. Love ya mum and Dad. Happy Holidays and thanks for all the amazing gaming memories.)


    Pokemon Red and a Gameboy Colour when I was but a youngin'. Played that to death for YEARS!

    Still do occasionally actually.

    BEST: Receiving an Atari 2600 for Xmas back in 1980....after catching my parents playing Space Invaders on it 2 nights earlier.

    WORST: Receiving E.T. for Atari 2600 for Xmas 1982....The horror....the horror....

    when i was younger i was eyeing off some sega master system games in Harris Scarfe this is going back to when consoles were good, anyone come christmas morning i was so excited i was hoping that my parents had got me a game any game i didnt care i just wanted a sega master system game i only had 1 which was inbuilt alex the kid in miracle world lol, I opened up my gifts and i should of known that what i actually wanted i was never gonna get lol i ended up getting socks hankeys and tshirts FML, But it doesnt all end bad i got some money from my grand parents and aunty so i thought to myself ig u want somthing done right do it yourself so i bought as many games as my money would get me lmao :D

    Best: I remember one Christmas getting a Gameboy Pocket and I believe I also got Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins and some strange mickey mouse game I wish I had the foresight to keep it.

    Worst: The generic full ensemble of clothes I would get sometimes for Christmas.

    Best: Playstation 2, Xbox 360, military grade gas mask.
    Worst: I cant really think of a terribly bad one as Im the kind of person that can not dislike a gift but it would probably be socks. Then again I did use them extensively.

    I'd been begging for MONTHS and MONTHS that I'd wanted a Gameboy for Xmas when I was a kid.

    A few days before Xmas I see a present for me under the tree and "accidentally" tear away a corner, and I see a d-pad on a box of some kind! I was so excited, thinking it was a Gameboy.

    Xmas day rolls around and I tear into that thing first, and inside is... an Atari Lynx. I was quite disappointed, although I did end up growing to love the thing. Still, I would have much preferred a Gameboy back then.

    Same thing happened with the Super Nintendo, wanted one for so long and ended up getting a Sega Master System.

      Your parents were probably 'upsold' by the game store and convinced into getting the technically superior Lynx.

    Worst gaming memory... Getting robocop 3 for the pc as a kid. Best memory? Getting laid for the first time during Robocop 1!!!!!

    After moving towns for the umpteenth time we were having a small Christmas and I was pretty miserable. My Mum went out and bought me Sword of Mana for my GBA. To date it's the best gift she ever got me, I hadn't even heard of it at the time and I was so surprised at how good it was. Still get bundles of warm nostalgia.

    If there was a worst it was all the Christmases I got sporting gear instead of games haha.

    It's hard for me to pick out a bad Christmas for me but the closest one would probably be 93. I wanted a Gameboy for christmas and instead I got some cheap LCD knockoff, and the battery that couldn't be removed only lasted 2 days.

    Although to be fair that year I also got a bike so that made up for it.

    My best memory is opening up a brand new NES with Zelda included. That led to many months of gaming joy as my Mum and I explored that world in a co-op style we invented for ourselves.

    The worst is without a doubt Shadowman 2. The first time I was exposed to the "He's a gamer, he'll like this," selection from the bargain bin.

    Best: SNES with DKC1, DKC2, Killer Instinct, Mario All Stars and SF2. There may have been another game but I forget.

    Worst: I have not had one bad gaming gift which comes to mind as my older brother has been a gamer as long as myself and probably gave mum some good gaming suggestions.

    Super Mario Sunshine Gamecube bundle is, to this day, one of my best childhood memories.

    My parents didn't like video games and certainly didn't want a console in the house. The best I ever got out of them was the Tiger Electronics version of Ninja Gaiden which wasn't that bad.

    Best Xmas gift I remember was from my wife, I had long before offloaded my N64 and PS1 and had only a Dreamcast which was slowly dying, this was 2001 and at one point I lamented to her that the Dreamcast wasn't that good, the most fun I had ever had with games was playing Ocarina of Time with her (a game which I had never finished).

    That Xmas she got me an N64, two controllers and Ocarina of Time

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