Your Cat Needs Tiny Little Nintendo Hats, OK?

Etsy seller SarabiRose makes hats for cats. Adorable, hilarious hats. So if you ever wanted to name your new kittens Mario and Luigi — or if for some reason you'd already gone ahead and done that — your cat cosplay needs are almost officially taken care of.

Just get some cat overalls and you're set.

Sarabirose [Etsy, via Incredible Things]


    Is putting a little hat on your cat worth the stitches?

      In my experience, the neighbour's cat (which comes around quite often) will accept all sorts of hat-based humiliation with little or no concern.

    If I tried this my cat would murder me in my sleep. I don't relish the thought of being smothered to death by cat arse, so I'll spare her this indignity.

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