Your First Look At The Only Baseball You're Getting In 2013

The only baseball you're getting a console, anyway. These are the first screenshots released for MLB 13 The Show, which had competition in name only for about the past five years, as MLB 2K ran a distant second with an expensive licence that was exclusive in name only.

What does that mean? It means if you enjoy live-action professional baseball games, you had better own a PlayStation 3 or PS Vita, or be willing to buy one, or be willing to settle for user-modded rosters on a year-old MLB 2K12 title that underperformed most expectations (except for pitching and commentary) even as it had the Xbox 360 market all to itself. The expiration of that deal, and the fact MLB 13 The Show is made by Sony itself, means there's no new baseball game coming in 2013 on the Xbox 360.

This isn't breaking news, baseball fans. We knew MLB 2K was done for back in May. MLB 13 The Show's screenshot release makes that more of a reality six months later.

Screenshot is from PS Vita version of MLB 13 The Show.

Screenshot is from PS Vita version of MLB 13 The Show.


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