Your Homework? Machine Guns

University is hard! There are all those books to read. Wouldn't it be wonderful to mix the workload up. Like, with some assault rifles?

These images reportedly show a popular class at Nanjing University of Science and Technology in China. The students are studying machine guns and taking them apart to see how they work.

While it might be surprising to most to see a college professor waving around assault rifles, if the students are going to study the weapons, this all does make sense. It's like dissection, but instead of frogs, there are automatic firearms.

中国の大学ではアサルトライフルを使った授業がある [中国的爆発日記]


    This is why china scares the shit out of me

    As always kotaku fails on complete information, but I assume this is for engineering. Seems like a very informative class as alot of people don't really understand how complex the inner working of guns are.

      It must be. The first picture obviously shows 2 of the most proliferated rifles, which at a stretch could make this a history lesson, but why then show China's new standard rifle in the second image ... and then have the students take them apart?

      I personally would've thought it'd be quite obvious that a place like China, with elements of the Communist mentality left in its arms industry would be teaching students who're headed to design bureau's in exactly this method.

      Heck even Nerf Gun's have some amazing internals and mechanisms which I feel would be a good way to capture a bunch of 20 somethings attention in a engineering class. Point is, I think this teacher is just using it as a way to capture the interest of many of the students instead of just talking theoretical stuff.

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