Your SNES Games Might Be Dying. This Is How You Can Save Them

Old Nintendo hardware and cartridges may last forever, but the batteries inside some games (used to save progress) do not. With an expected lifespan of only 10 years (though they can last much longer), we're obviously well past the point where you can expect all save games to work for a console like the SNES.

So if you're still dabbling with older consoles, you'll need a fix. And this handy guide at Motherboard is just that. With handy pictures and practical tips, it shows you how to crack open a SNES game and replace the watch battery that powers the cart's ability to save games.

While the cart in question is Link to the Past, it should work for just about any SNES game that needs a tune-up.

Note that swapping out the battery won't salvage your old save games; once that battery is gone, they're gone. But with a dead battery you can't save at all, so this fix lets you get back in the game. Well, back in a new game, which you can then save.

How to Replace an SNES Cartridge's Save Game Battery [Motherboard]


    Funny enough all my NES carts still have their save games and are going strong! So far ive only had one cart lose the saves games but new saves are still present. Soon they shall be gone with all my progress :(

    I wonder how hard it is to replace a not yet dead battery with a new one without losing your saves.

      I heard you could do that if you play on the saved gamed while your doing the switch and than save when you switched the battery.

      However working on a live circuit board can be dangerous and difficult I guess.

        Worst. Advice. Ever.

          old post but if you know how you can jumper a battery in to the terminals to supply voltage while you pull the battery and replace it not difficult when done from back side of board if the saves mean that much to you

    I actually am looking into a non volatile method of this (as in saves will last forever) I have figured out a way to do this with N64 controller packs, gameboy and gameboy colour games.

      Please do tell.. I've lost a fair few saves on my beloved Gameboy Color cartridges!

        sorry for the late reply;

        the chip shown on the first page is not the best fit for the mod. Use the FM18W08 instead, with this you don't have to lift a pin.

        also this will not replace the clock battery for pokemon gold and silver, but you can do this mod and swap the battery, at least your save will be safe.

    DON'T DO THIS!!! Once again ignorance reigns @ plunkville. De solder the tabs and solder a new battery with tabs back on! Don't cut the solder and tape it in. Heathens!

    DO IT PROPERLY! Don't use tape like the chump in this guide did. Over time, the tape will lose it's stickiness, causing the battery to disconnect and lose your save. Get either a battery with the tabs already welded to it, or a CR2032 battery holder and solder it in place of the original battery.

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