ZombieU's Marketing Team: Let's Make An Ad With A Half-Naked Woman

ZombiU's got plenty going for it — it's Demon Souls meets FPS, for one. That's pretty great. You shoot zombies in it; people love that. Really, there's no shortage of possible ways to sell this game.

But why sell it on sex, something that literally has nothing to do with the game itself? It's a common advertising tactic, to be sure, but still — it being typical doesn't make it OK. Like, even if you don't care about gender in games or whatever, surely we can all agree that an ad that is unrepresentative of the game itself is bad.

Someone sees this and goes, hey, here's a sexy zombie game! Except, err, that's not what ZombiU is. Tsk, tsk.

[via Maxime Paka Marin, incidentally someone who has worked on ZombiU]


    I dont like the zombie version, But i can how it works :)

    I think it works. I don't know who buys games purely on the word of advertising alone, but you want people to at least be aware of your product. Sex appeal may be cheap, but in this case when it's coupled with shock, it not only gains awareness but the fact it garners some kind of emotion also ensures it will be remembered.

    There's something wrong with the pre zombie models breasts. I can't quite place it, but they just don't look right.

      They've been shopped a bit too much, and then not enough in the second shot. Made me wonder if it was the same girl, but the face seems to be the same.

      Fake boobs. There's always too much real estate between, and if there wasn't a bra in the picture they'd be jutting out at a +45 degree angle.

      I prefer real. But like pizza, I'll take what I can get. And hey, they're all real on the outside.

    Personally what I find MOST disturbing about this ad is if they were going to be cheap as cliche about it, why not say:
    'WE DID WARN U' instead of 'WE DID WARN YOU'...

    Your move Nintendo...

      Isn't ZombieU an Ubisoft game? Nintendo wouldn't have any say in their marketing campaign

    doesn't phase me at all. I think they've been doing this since there were things to sell. Remember all the car ads in the 80s with the hot girls?

    I'm sure that was happening since the 20s, it's just that I wasn't alive back then to know. But it's nothing new.

    The sex appeal isn't there to sell the game, it's to sell the ad. It's to draw attention to the ad itself (which, based on this article, has worked well :P ). The zombie shot is there to sell the game, hence all the info being on that section.

    Well it all depends where the advert is marketed doesn't it? This looks like it was in a lads mag, which leads me to thinks it's pretty much part-and-parcel as to how they operate.

    This is the sort of tacky shit that kicks up the issue of sexism in games.
    Even as someone of the target audience (a 30's male) I find this insulting to my intelligence, and I'm far from a prudish sort.

    Now I'm all for lovely ladies appearing in skimpy attire when it's actually relative to the game (eg. GTA) - but just using the concept of 'sex sells' for the hell of it is brainless advertising.

    Idiotic marketing morons actually put me off buying games with this sort of crap. Why is it that business types seem to set out to ruin creative industries?

    (Not to mention that she's a bit of a slag. I might have a slightly different opinion if she didn't look like a reject from Hustler's three-way-action special. At least her fake boobs won't rot away with the rest of her zombie form.)

    Sometimes I wish I was a girl, so a majority of advertisements directed at me appealed to my tastes and personality. But being a guy people seem to think the best way to advertise to me is to appeal to my dick. It's like they say "hey look, tits ... now buy my product".

    All it does is objectify women, throw another example onto the pile of unrealistic body images for girls that damage their self esteem, and make us look like a bunch of perverts.

    I'm over it.

    I wish gamers and devs would stop copping the flak for this bs - it's the damn marketers and advertisers who decide that tits and/or an angryface guy with a gun are absolutely necessary to reach their target demographic.

    Honestly, is this even using sex appeal for marketing - I thought it was actually taking the piss out of that cliché? I actually thought it was kind of funny.

    More ads making gamers look like perverts. Stahp.

    stop the press... advertising company uses sex to sell product.

    That is big news!

    Well this "news" article was written by a woman, nuff said.

    Someone obviously doesn't get the Page-3 Girl joke here.....

    Zombie game, based in London. Lighten up on the sensation please.

    Feels like reading a 1990s video game magazine.

    It's clearly from a magazine, as shown by the page turn tab in the corner and QR code that would only be found in print media. From the style probably a mens mag like Zoo or FHM thus making it a perfectly apt advertisement for that audience. Let's think about context before we form a mob to kill these women hating bastards or whatever the point of all this comment rage is.

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