6 GIFs From That Semi-New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

You won't get many answers to your questions about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII today, but we will happily supply you with some new GIFs.


Here's that "new," extended trailer. The game will be out later this year for Xbox 360 and PS3.



    They have already released this trailer 3 times which is repetitive enough, but now..........

    I get the feeling kotaku hired someone to make them gifs and they get bored so they make crap like this.

    Also, for some reason, they have not figured out that we all hate gifs.

      I don't even mind GIFs though. It's just that they're already annoying scenes which have already been seen to many times.

    Wow congratulations on discovering GIF's something that's been annoying people for at least 15 odd years.

    It's just gifs of random bits of the trailer, not even the best/ coolest parts... what gives?

    Fuck this shit right off

    It could have originated from the fact lightening never does anything.... the trailers always try make out that she is doing something extremely important, like posing.

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