6 GIFs From That Striking Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

Here's a not very complicated idea. A new trailer comes out. It's cool. Someone makes some GIFs out of it. The newest member of our team, Gergo Vas, figured he'd start us off with yesterday's trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, the new game from CD Projekt, makers of The Witcher.

Enjoy this look at our possible sci-fi future.


    With the exception of the shattering bullet, these GIFs all seem rather pointless. They're so brief and show so little motion besides a shifting camera that they'd be better off as hi-res stills.

    Im dissapointed that the first shot of the police officer firing off a shot was not made into a GIF. The detail put into the teaser is astonishing.

    The gifs are pretty awesome though.
    Shit guys, you're hard to please, aren't you?

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