A 1:1 Scale Statue Of A Dead Space Monster. Hide Your Dog, Hide Your Kids.

There's been some unsavoury talk of statues today. Let's clear the air, then, with a look at a statue that does gross the right way.

This piece, of Dead Space's creepy wall-hugging lurkers, sadly isn't available for purchase. It's a custom job, by British artist Sean Schofield, and if you think it's just a wee statue to sit on your desk, nope. It's 1:1 scale. Meaning it measures just under three feet tall.

Impressive, if also slightly terrifying.

Dead Space Lurker [DeviantArt, via Toycutter]


    Would love to see this on the wall or on the ceiling.

    Preferably positioned in front of a doorway so it's the first thing you see as you enter the room.

    WANT - but my missus would freak right out about having this anywhere near her.

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