A Game That's Nothing But A Never-Ending Boss Fight

This sounds about as fun as being stuck in an endless loop of rainy Monday mornings, but there's at least merit in the idea: Endless Boss Fight is a game that is, quite literally, an endless boss fight.

Taking the "go as far as you can" ethos of running games like Canabalt somewhere a little fresher, you play as a little guy who has to fight a giant tank. That tank will, inevitably, kill you, so you've got to get as many points/items as you can before the end finds you.

It's due out on iOS next month.

Upcoming 'Endless Boss Fight' is Literally an Endless Boss Fight [Touch Arcade]


    If i had the money, i'd do a Mr burns job and create a massive dish to block out the sun where i live and work.

    Last edited 24/01/13 4:43 pm

    Endless boss fight? Sounds like most JRPGs. :P

    ...almost. 3 forms is the bare minimum.

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