A Gearbox-Developed Call Of Duty Could Have Happened. Imagine That

Am I the only one that's a tad bewildered by the idea? Apparently, Gearbox — the developers behind Borderlands 2 — had the opportunity to make a Call of Duty game according to a translated Krawall interview. Nothing official, but they were in a position to consider it. Obviously, they didn't go for it. Here's why, according to IGN.

"I just didn't see what there was left to accomplish. For me, there are two scenarios for which a Gearbox project makes sense," explained Randy Pitchford, President at Gearbox, "First, when the game just wouldn't have existed without us. Or second, when we could offer something new for an existing brand, a unique perspective or a new start."

Perhaps more remarkable is the idea that they didn't do it because Call of Duty wouldn't have been a challenge for Gearbox. Making a Call of Duty game would have meant giving people what they want out of the franchise, which would have also meant following expectations. More of the same, if you will.

I'm curious as to why that 'we shouldn't just follow expectations' philosophy didn't carry over to Borderlands 2, but hey. We're talking about what-could-have-been here.

Gearbox Could Have Developed a Call of Duty Game [Krawall, via IGN]


    Wow... they must really hate money.

      Why just have money when you can have money AND artistic integrity?

      its not that they don't like money it is just that it is not something that would really be gearbox the games they make exceed the expectations of people but if they were to do that to a call of duty all the little 12 year olds would bitch and moan about how crap all these awesome changes are Cod fans don't like change they just want it to stay the same so that they think there cool because of there quick scoping and there camping tactics

    Instead they took Duke Forever instead... I don't see what Gearbox are great for, sure a lot love borderlands but its an acquired taste. Best game I played from them was HL: Opposing Force. Lets hope Aliens CM is better than what is currently been said.

      I actually liked Blue Shift more than OF, it seemed more polished and the order and speed that you acquired weapons in felt a lot more thought out. It felt more like a Half-Life game, if that makes sense?

      And DNF is a great game, if you're expecting low brow humour and typical FPS game play.

      Pitchford did say that they're interested in bringing out games that wouldn't exist without them.

      Duke was already finished when they got it. It needed a quick polish and put on disk, but effectively the game was done when Gearbox got it. Its not like they took an existing franchise and built a game from scratch.

        Well they should have rebuilt it.

        It was so clear that a lot of that game was just rough test of concept for levels. Which were always meant to be rebuilt into something good.

          You are wrong.
          DNF could not have redone due to contract agreements.
          The game was required to be released in order for the IP to be transferred.
          You are also wrong in regards to what the version of DNF we got actually was.

          You dont seem to be one to be in any kind of managerial position.
          And if this how you speak from ignorance, i believe that is for the best.

            Yeah screamface, if that is indeed your real name. How dare you suggest they make an actually decent game out of it? Next you'll tell us you haven't spent hours poring over the details of the contracts! And you would dare to comment on this? Not knowing every stupid little bit of information about an incredibly awful game and its financial history makes andros83 and I very happy that you are not, in fact, a manager for Gearbox Software as you would have us believe.

              Doesn't make the situation any less true.
              Simple deductive reasoning could have told you all this as well as a simple 10 minute google search.
              Its like trying to guess why Anarchy Reigns, a completely pedestrian game by any standards, was sold in Japan at full retail, while its late international release is priced at a discount.

              On a side note, i liked DNF.
              Problematic like you wouldn't believe but still enjoyable.
              The history of DNF is a major contributing factor as to what it is.
              Another good comparison would be to wonder what the ME3 ending debacle was when you have no idea what the previous two entries entailed.
              If you speak like an ignorant , prepare to be treated as such.

          From a fan/gamer perspective it would have been a good idea, but from a financial perspective a terrible one.
          As foetoid already said, Gearbox simply bought the IP, polished what they could and printed it off onto disc. To rebuild the game from scratch would have cost time, money and resources neither Gearbox or 2K were willing to give. According to wiki, Take-two interactive said initial sales were half of what they were expecting (and they weren't expecting much), now to use developer time and money to rebuild the game for already low expected sales and you're just wasting money. It's better to sell off what was already finished to cover some of the cost of the IP you bought, and start fresh with the franchise from the ground up and market a new product, rather than try to sell something that has advertised as 'Coming Soon' for 15 years.

            They should have sold it at budget price or made it a downloadable title. If you're going to put out a substandard product, then at least be upfront about it. I never played DNF, but this kind of thing leaves a mark on Gearbox's reputation - if they're not responsible for the design of the game, then they're at least implicit in putting their name and supporting a low-quality title. With every new game they put out (besides proven sellers like Borderlands) I think people are going to question their standards - what kind of thing they're proud to put their name on.

              Yeah, it's just nonsense they release something so inferior and not complete. I swear everything I read was that they were finishing the game. They were surprised how far along it actually was. I didn't expect it to be parts of a finished game with a rough road map of levels, locations at various stages of completion. All with horrible graphics.

              I think it was slightly cheaper than a new release game. $60 or something. However it should have been $30 max new. They ripped everyone off. It will haven done huge damage to the brand.

              I swear there were things that were like a driving part of a level with helicopters shooting at you, where it's just a short straight freeway. Clearly testing out the idea. Or street levels in Vegas where there's a little bit off stuff around where you are. Then vast empty spaces and the city in the distance.

              They should have redesigned or at least gone to some effort besides probably just getting them to work, to improve this stuff. So you aren't stuck in bland boring levels that go on and on with nothing happening.

    Activision probably approached Gearbox, had a sit down, they disagreed with the terms and they ended up not taking up the franchise. To protect the dirt in the industry and more questions on why, they came up with lame excuses why they wouldn't take the game up.

    That's my take on it.

    I like to speculate there's more politics in the gaming industry than what people think.

      For sure. Game publishing is a huge money business. Absolutely there's huge politics in it, like any other time millions of dollars are involved. And the real reason is almost certainly that Gearbox and Activision couldn't reach an agreement on the numbers. Maybe some creative control was involved too. But mostly the numbers.

    Well I guess we never got that mass grind fest with level up perks.. oh wait

      Ah but judging by your comment you would be wrong as to what the problems with COD actually are.
      And besides, Borderlands is a loot game.
      Dont get your panties in a bunch because you don't like an entire genre.

    then joe siegler and george broussard said "hey gearbox, bendover so we can fuck you in the ass with this duke nukem forever "game"."

    Why do half of you resoond to news like angry dickheads? What exactly do you think the world owes you?

      Are you really expecting an answer to this??

    Gearbox (and borderlands) are far above CoD.

    Just as well, really. No one really walks away from dealing with Activision without getting screwed somehow or other.

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