A Look Behind The Scenes Of Bayonetta 2

A Look Behind The Scenes Of Bayonetta 2

Shown off at the Nintendo Direct this morning, here’s a look at Bayonetta 2, which will be out for Wii U at some point in the future.

This Wii U exclusive is a sequel to Bayonetta, an action game developed by Platinum Games that was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2010.

Platinum Games sure has a nice office, don’t you think?


  • This article only reminded me that this game was exclusive to the WiiU 🙁 I am not buying a WiiU just for one game, not matter how much I want it.

    • I still have faith this will be released on other consoles. I don’t see how it can make enough money if it is released on just Wii U.

      • Presumably that would be the publisher’s problem though. And since it is being published by Nintendo, they are probably factoring console sales into whether they consider the game profitable.

      • Aside from this, the upcoming title from the Xenogears team, and a mythical new Smash Bros, there’s nothing particularly interesting on WiiU that’s worth me moving away from my big shiny PC and unplugging the 360 just to play.

        • That’s still more than one game though! 😛

          Nintendo Land, NSMBU and ZombiU are all excellent games, really. And I can’t wait for Rayman Legends or Pikmin 3. But yeah, I don’t get that kind of thinking. There’s ALWAYS something that comes out that you didn’t expect or know about when first picking up a platform. Hell, when I won my 360 (about two and a half years ago) I thought it was going to be useless because there were maybe three games for it that I was at all interested in, but now I’ve got nearly ten times that. It’s the same deal with my Nintendos, there’s the few franchises that you expect will have a title, but they’re just a tiny fragment of the overall library that’s grown on my shelf.

        • I can tell you right now, playing game offscreen has become the biggest part of my life now. Being able to move around the house untethered is just amazing. If they release even half the game you want for the Wii U, then its 100% worth it, you wont look back.

      • I’m sure some people might have noticed that I bitch a lot about games being on PC, but really, I’d take a 360 release without hesitation. Obviously I’d prefer PC, but like I said, anything that’s not a gimmicky console would be lovely.

        • I wish everything was released on PC, I still wake up in a sweat at night after a particularly realistic dream of Red Dead Redemption finally being where it belongs, and I always re-buy indie games when they finally make it onto PC from XBLA or wherever they originally launched.

          But having said that, I also love all the consoles, my Wii and Wii U just as much as the others, and I feel obliged to defend my gimmicky console from all the haters. If it’s not for you it’s not for you, fair enough, by I wouldn’t consider a gaming life to be completely lived without having experienced some of the recent Nintendo offerings. They are brilliant and I loves them.

          Then again, I’m the type of person who will buy a system just for one good exclusive game (I’m looking at you 3DS).

          • If only I were richer, I would do the same. It’s my unique combination of having a small income and very high resistance to impulse purchases which prevents me from even now picking up a PS3 and getting in that sweet, sweet Wipeout HD action.

          • That resistance to impulse purchases shows a strength of character that I lack. I used to be believe I was strong, but then Steam sales showed me how weak I truly am, and I came to peace with that.

            $45 for a second hand Wii, a softmod and a bit of time and it becomes a decent system with some pretty amazing games on it, albeit still SD only, but who cares about graphics when the games are that much fun.

            PS3 still isn’t cheap, but it will be by the end of this year when the next generation comes out… and I would buy a PS3 just for Journey personally… what a game.

          • I am fairly weak to steam sales >_> But the pricetag on consoles and the physical act of having to find a place to set them up in my house, which doesn’t have a lot of room left, leaves me with a reasonable inhibition which I have to defeat in order to pick one up. But hey, I’m getting DmC when I go home, so it’s not all bad~

    • This is weird, I swear I made this post on a completely different article. So my post actually makes no sense lol.

      I don’t even think I opened this article, I don’t really take interest in Bayonetta I guess. Damn weird.

  • I hope this eventually gets to PS4.
    Maybe that is why it is just a WiiU game for now? Maybe Nintendo only have publishing rights for one version and the can do what they do for say Ninja Gaiden to get this on the next Sony or MS console… better yet PC version!

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