A Moving Tribute To The Fallen Heroes Of World Of Warcraft

FlameofWesternesse has made this terrific short film, which catalogues some of the memorials placed throughout Azeroth in honour of World of Warcraft players who have passed away during the game's tenure.

Maybe you've seen them and wondered what they were for, maybe like me you've barely played the game and had no idea it could do stuff like this, either way it's a surprisingly moving video.

A Tribute to World of Warcraft Memorials [YouTube]


    YouTube stamped adds over the tributees names, I'm feeling a hunger games vibe here....

    I have to say my cold black heart has been touched.
    Saddest thing is that most of those people will never know about these memorials.

    He's not dead!

    Here, I can see him breathing!

      Bridenbrad is breathing, because you get a couple of quests to "rescue him" from the scourge plague, he's just hanging out at the campfire there forever until you complete the quest chain.

      After begging various mages, dragons, and the naaru for help to cure bridenbrad, it finally ends in a vigil that lets him die in peace, and not rise again as forsaken. in the game it seems like an abrupt quirky way to get loot, because he doesn't get better, there's no miracle cure and you go to way more effort than would be required for any other resurrection of a character, travelling across the continent several times, etc. all while leaving him out in the cold, dying alone.

      it makes more sense if you knew it was about a personal journey and it was intended that way.

        Yeah, I didn't realise it was a memorial, but I found the storyline really sad.

        Also, in MoP there's a tauren who's wife dies giving birth and he spam heals her corpse for a bit before giving up, I hope it's not some kind of memorial :\

        Last edited 22/01/13 12:45 am

    Just shows the walks of life this game has and had, truly beautiful video.

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